After spending 28 hours in St. louis, I've arrived to the humid and HOT Boston. YUCK! (about the weather, not the city)  I love my city.  Before I hop on the night shift I wanted to post this.  I had a great time documenting my neighbor and friend's wedding.  A few minor setbacks occurred, which included running out of battery in the middle of the ceremony (the power came on while it was in my bag), and getting lost on the way to the group photograph location.  But all for not.  I got the shots I needed.   

Special shout out goes to my friend and unplanned travel buddy, Priscilla.  She drove me all over town, brought me a kitkat, coke, and pizza whilst I was running around and forgot to eat, and basically was my all-round personal assistant for the day.  I need a PA!  I love them! #Spoiledforaday

The  teaser can be viewed here: Rachel + Justin



08/20/2015 9:42am

Oh wedding in St. Louis! Aside from the blog itself, what I like the most in this post are the photos, because I see a lot of smiles. Their smiles signify happiness, that they are really happy for this moment to have two hearts to beat as one. The bride and the groom are perfect together, people seem not to have anything against it. Special day it is.


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