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Waz Placed on Short Term I.R. 
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Boston's Big Diggers volleyball team resigned veteran Michael Walsh to their 8-man roster late last night. Representatives of the team, which cut Walsh earlier in the week, say that unexpected injuries and personal matters necessitated the re-signing. 

Walsh, an original member of the Diggers, received his walking papers last week after the team found success with a new cadre of young players. Owner Tessa White-Diemand explains the move was mostly about money: "Walsh was a great player...what do you want me to say? We found success with our rookies and Walsh's high salary meant he had to go." 

However, a late scratch of Mark Wasielewski (back) and personal matters with team captain Missy Elumba left the Diggers scrambling for players.

"It's too bad about Waz, but I'm happy to have Mike back," said starting forward Linda Rogers. "He's a team player and he leaves it all on the court." 

"Mike is a definite asset to this team," said rookie Jordan Bonner. Recently, Bonner has taken the league by storm with his solid net play and finishes, earning offensive player of the week last week. 

The Diggers play again on Thursday night in a home game hosting some of the leagues top talents, including Mohawk Man and Dude-who's-kinda-balding.

"It's a great time to have Walsh back with us," said team scoring leader Andrea Geoffrey-White, as teammate Stephanie Cox danced non-sequiturially in the background. Fellow teammate Christian Zeigler could be seen creeping nearby, hoping to hear gossip. He declined to comment for this article. 

Owner White-Diemand did not elaborate on the personal matters with captain Elumba. She is expected to return for the final game before the holiday break. Rumors across the league suggest Elumba is letting her music and acting career interfere with her sport, but representatives denied this accusation. Elumba will be seen this Sunday on the nationally-televised Christmas Variety Show on FOX during primetime. 

Katie Russell contributed to this article. 

This was an fun article written by a teammate just because he is awesome, and one heck of a writer.  I put together a little video for my Social Boston Sports volleyball team.  BIG DIGGERS

Social Boston Sports is a organization in Boston that hosts recreation sports leagues, adventure trips, and social gatherings for adults year round.  I've loved my experience with their sports programs, starting out with flag football last fall and now I've moved on to broomball and volleyball this winter and spring.  They emphasize that this is about  having fun first and competitive athletic competition second.  I have met great friends through these leagues, hence the fun video.  My current volleyball team met last season when we all signed on as free agents.  Who would have thought we would hit it off so well off the bat.  We have now signed up for two more seasons together to continue the Big Diggers legacy.  


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